Mario Pöhl started Chen Style Tai Chi in 1996 under his first teacher Cheng Li Jun during his 3 month stay in Berlin. In 1997, after 3 months of training again, he flew together to China and was taught there intensively for 3 weeks. Annual visits of Cheng Li Jun and the corresponding teaching in Germany followed.
After 2 more visits to China, Mario Pöhl decided in the year 2000, on a request from Cheng Li Jun, to go to China for a longer period of time to intensify his Tai Chi training.
There he met his current teacher and master, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei (one of the main representatives of Chen Style Tai Chi today).

In 2001 Mario Pöhl became his student and in 2002 ceremonially his direct master student (disciple).

In 2003 Mario Pöhl went back to Germany (now to Bonn) and started teaching Chen Style Tai Chi in 2004.
He taught privately, in clubs and also for many years as a Tai Chi instructor at the University of Bonn (university sports and company sports).

He did this until 2015, when he had to stop teaching for private reasons.
Since then, he has dedicated himself to his own training and has continued to develop in a variety of ways.

With the 17th of November he resumes his group lessons in Bonn.